Press Release: WMschoolled; The School Led System – Getting Down to Business

16th April

On Friday 18th May school leaders from across the region will once again gather for the West Midlands School Leaders Annual Conference: The School Led System – Getting Down to Business, #WMschooled.  Launched in 2015, and now ...
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Make Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing a School Staff Priority

16th April

Mental health has been described by Theresa May, Prime Minister, as “one of the greatest challenges of our time”. Mental health issues are an aspect of modern life and those in education are not immune – indeed, over the last 12 ...
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Bursaries and Incentives on Offer to Attract Trainee Teachers

27th March

A recent article in the Guardian stated that “Schools are in crisis. With plummeting teacher training applications and difficulties in recruiting enough staff to fill vacancies, tuition fees, unacceptable workloads and budget cu ...
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The SSIF, Where Funds Have Been Awarded and Why

13th March

The £280m Strategic School Improvement Fund (£140m per year) is a grant to support a wide range of UK schools. It is expected to further build the school-led system and targets resources at the schools most in need. These establ ...
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Make the Most of the SSIF at our Vital Leadership Learning Event

5th March

  As a leader of learning, you need to be fully aware of the latest developments and understand exactly how to make the most of the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF). The Teaching School Council #WMSchoolLed18 Regional Co ...
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